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Monitor maintain and stay ahead of the game;

Brammer Buck & Hickman’s condition monitoring service provides your maintenance teams with detailed information about the health and performance of your plant machinery. By understanding when components or lubricants are deteriorating, you can schedule preventative maintenance to avoid costly downtime and expensive emergency repairs.

Our service is designed as a cost effective, time-saving and smart alternative to reactive repairs and time-based maintenance. With the potential to save thousands of pounds in secondary damage, lost production and unnecessary maintenance, our condition monitoring services are the proven preventative maintenance approach.


Vibration Analysis, our Vibration Analysis allows early problem detection of wear, fatigue and failure in rotating machinery.

This service provides you with information that will identify potential problems and a predicted time to failure to enable you to schedule proactive maintenance. Our engineers will accurately measure the absolute and relative vibration on your critical machines and infrastructure. The level of vibration can be compared with your historical baseline data to assess the severity. Our reports detail the findings for each of your assets, along with photographs of each asset tested, and a remedial list of actions required to remedy any faults.

Thermal Imaging Surveys, we can complete a thermographic survey using a thermal imaging camera to identify faults and potential problems with the observed machinery.

The survey is carried out within industry standard parameters, including emissivity, ambient and t-refl temperatures, distance, humidity and any other associated values required for accurate image interpretation. This service provides you with non-intrusive testing which is safe and doesn’t interfere with processes that are running. It is a very efficient method of gathering data on the relative temperatures of electrical and mechanical equipment revealing any dangerous hot spots.

Air Leak Audit, our audit identifies ways to improve the efficiency of your compressed air system, saving you money.

Air leaks are a significant source of wasted energy – as much as 20-30% of your compressor’s output – costing you a significant amount of money. The audit is primarily for pneumatic applications such as pneumatic actuating of valves and cylinders and for pneumatic motors. Using our ultrasonic equipment, we will collect the data and prepare a detailed report. Our report includes a description of the leak, an estimated cost of wasted energy per leak, photographs of the part or area which is leaking, and a remedial list of parts or actions required to fix the problem.

Lubrication Sampling, our oil sampling and analysis service helps to reduce costs by improving your equipment reliability and extending the life of your equipment.

Routine oil analysis is an integral part of a successful maintenance programme. Determining the condition of your equipment by trending particle counts, wear metals, or element levels in samples taken helps track the rates-of-wear of critical components.

Belt Alignment and Tensioning Check, this service helps improve the efficiency of your drive systems and ensures they are functioning optimally with proper alignment and tensioning.

Our engineers perform belt tension checks using an ultrasonic tension device and alignment using a proprietary laser alignment tool. Where required, we can use an energy meter to record the energy usage before and after the remedial work. Improper belt tensioning is costly and can lead to machine failure – too low and belts can slip and glaze or burn. Load imbalances across the belt span can destroy the belts resulting in costly shut down for replacement.

Shaft and Coupling Alignment, we can maximise the life and efficiency of your equipment by adjusting the alignment.

Our experienced engineers will calculate the alignment on shafts and couplings and identify any corrections needed. Tolerances can vary dramatically between different couplings and when misalignment occurs, a rigid coupling is extremely susceptible to failure due to the high number of cycles of bending imparted on the shafts. This can be costly in terms of slowing down productivity and may result in downtime as shutdown is required for repair.

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