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Giving you better visibility to real time stock availability, pricing and order status data. 

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See and add new addresses stored for your business



If you wish to add a new delivery address, it’s as simple as clicking Add An Address, entering all mandatory fields, and clicking Save An Address.  




Compare Products


To compare (up to three different) products you tick the compare box underneath Add to Cart.  


To get to your comparisons, click your username and then My compare. You will then be able to view the chosen items side by side.  



Stock Availability



Available – These items are shipped from our warehouse upon receipt of order, this also shows the quantity available.





Available to order – These items are not stocked and sometimes shipped directly from our manufacturer.






Export your cart in .csv, .xml, and .pdf formats.



If you export your basket as a .csv file you can later use the Import Cart function to upload a copy of the same basket as an easy way to duplicate a purchase order.  



Share your basket directly with another user.



Select the Share The Cart button, enter the Recipient Email and any Comments, and click Send.