Streamlining purchasing for greater transparency and savings

We offer a comprehensive suite of e-procurement solutions - including fully integrated Punchout sites – to simplify ordering and deliver tangible business benefits around purchase to pay.

Having supported many leading UK companies with their e-procurement strategies, Rubix UK has both the experience and technology to introduce e-solutions quickly and easily – whatever your existing systems and processes.

Working with a wide range of portals, catalogue formats and technologies, our e-procurement solutions fall into 3 areas:

  • Search & Select: Static eCatalogues and Punchout sites
  • Electronic Ordering Solutions: Integrated Ordering System (IOS), email and Fax2eMail Electronic
  • Payment Solutions: e-Invoicing, OB10 and EDI.

We’re able to tailor solutions to your specific needs, including provision for – among other features – tailored product sets and approval workflows.

Brammer Buck & Hickman’s Punchout Solution

Our Punchout capability allows your users to select products, assemble orders and pull them back to your ERP for authorisation and electronic order transfer to us, simplifying the process and reducing the costs linked to your purchase to pay process. Additionally, we’ll work with you to ensure online purchases are funnelled through your systems and agreed purchasing process, providing greater control and compliance.

We integrate with all major systems and platforms (using standard protocols such as OCI or CXML)

For further information please e-mail: enquiries@bbh-rubix.com