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You can reset your password for your standard account here

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Can I get more information or advice about a product?

For product support please contact your local branch on 08450 510 150.

Do you ship hazardous materials?

All items available on this website are available for purchase and shipping in the UK. For export orders containing such materials you can email our Export Service team by clicking here


Product Search & Availability

How do I search for a specific product?
There are three main ways of searching for a product on our site:
The Quick Search Box: Simply enter a keyword (e.g. hammer), description (e.g. 10mm jobber drill) or part number into the search box and click the magnifying glass icon to view a list of related products.

Search by Product Category: View all products within a specific category by clicking on one of the product categories (e.g. Tools) in the mega menu at the top of the site.

Search by Brand: View all products within a specific manufacturer brand range by searching by brand name in the quick search box.

The item I'm looking for is not available on the site.

Not a problem! Our expert branch network can help you locate the item you're looking for, give your local branch a call today on 08450 510 150. Alternatively, you can email them using our handy branch locator.


Registration & Login

How do I register to purchase on this site?

If you wish to pay by card - you can start ordering straight away. Alternatively, if you have a Trade Account and wish to use it for orders placed on this site, follow the instructions when you complete the online registration page.

To register your Trade Account on this site you will need your Account Number, Customer ID, and Invoice Postcode. Your local branch will be happy to assist if you need help locating this information.

What should I do if I can't remember my password?

We can help you reset your password and access your account. Please click this link and choose the forgotten password option - Forgot Your Password?


Supported Browsers & Devices

Which browsers and devices are supported by your site?

Our team work hard to ensure our website is accessible from as many browsers and devices as possible and continually develop and update our site. If you have any problems viewing our site, please ensure you are using the latest version of your browser.

You can report any issues directly to your local branch or alternatively contact your account manager.  


My Favourites

Can I create a list of my favourite products?

Of course! Once you have logged into your Brammer Buck & Hickman online account, you can create one or multiple favourites lists from within the 'My Account' section of the site. You can add products to any of your favourites lists from individual product landing pages and search results.

Creating a favourites list of your regular purchases helps save time by allowing you to quickly add these products to your shopping basket.

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Your local branch can provide you with additional support and information. Please get in touch with them on 08450 510 150.


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