Inscan™ Batch Scanning Kanban Solution

the fast and simple way to manage your industrial supplies

An easy-to-implement barcode-driven stock check and replenishment process, Brammer Buck & Hickman’s Kanban batch scan process system Inscan™ is perfect for all customers who require a low cost, uncomplicated inventory management solution.

Simply, Inscan™ batch scanning gives you greater control over costs and improves the productivity of your team.


how can Inscan™ batch scanning help your business?

Inscan™ can give you instant control and overview of your inventory and product spend backed up with a systematic approach to stock control and replenishment

Purchasing efficiency

Fewer suppliers, orders and invoices reduces paperwork and associated costs

Lower inventory costs

With demand-driven replenishment, we help improve product availability and reduce inventory levels.

Improve your productivity

24/7 access to products at line side locations reduces loss of productivity

Fast and simple to set-up

No need for complex systems or integrations, there are no complicated processes or procedures to learn or follow

Lower replenishment costs

We take ownership of the restocking process saving you valuable time and money

Improved reporting

We provide reports that give you total transparency on your business usage by product and cost centre

the cost-effective inventory solution

Unlike other Kanban solutions or industrial vending systems, Inscan™ provides you with a bespoke, fit for purpose stock management solution with no set up costs

Minimising cost while maximizing availability and productivity

We provide the barcode scanning technology and manage the ongoing checking and replenishment of stock – whether located in a central store or multiple satellite locations. This provides you with 24/7 availability of industrial consumables when and where you need it.

Getting up and running with Inscan™ is easy too. We work with you to identify the right products and locations within your site. We then install the right inventory storage solution for your products and manage the whole process.

State-of-the-art batch scanning at your fingertips

With no setup costs to implement the system, our state of the art Inscan™ batch scanning solution software gives you real-time reporting on all kinds of variables. Inventory can be tracked by user, location or cost centres and counts can be updated or verified on the go by scanner or smartphone. Comprehensive reporting and data can be viewed in customisable formats and maintenance requests and work orders can be scheduled from the same system too.

Straightforward, sophisticated solutions

Our straightforward system uses a secure crib and two stock bins: yellow for free stock, and red for safety stock. Once the yellow bins are empty, users rotate the bins and pick from the safety stock. Our team will restock both bins and rotate them back, ensuring supplies are always available and stocked according to demand – with replenishment alerts automatically coming through to us via the system.