Invend™ Industrial Vending Machine Solutions

industrial vending solutions designed to help you lower your inventory costs 

Permanently stocked with your most in-demand industrial consumables, Brammer Buck & Hickman’s Invend™ industrial vending machines provide 24/7 line-side access to the products your team needs to get the job done. No fuss, no waiting and no need to replenish – we keep track of everything and keep your Invend™ machine fully stocked for you.

Of course, Invend™ is completely tailored to your needs. We help you select your stock from our comprehensive range of industrial consumables and work with you to create a machine and product profile that’s exactly right for your business.


find out how Invend™ solutions can help you save money

Choose Invend™ and your business could benefit from a consumption reduction of up to 40% along with reduced inventory costs, improved productivity and working capital.

Reduce your overall consumption

Improved control and visibility over end user access to industrial consumables typically reducing spend by up to 40%

Improve your overall productivity

Invend™ improves control and availability of required products and wait times

Reduce your working capital and stock holding

You only pay for the stock you use; this frees up capital typically tied up

24/7 Secure access to your products

Our state of the art systems provide round the clock access and security for your stock

Usage reporting and analysis

Get a regular overview of product usage and cost centre spend with our bespoke reporting solutions

Quick and efficient implementation

We help you to decide which products to include. All we need is power and an internet connection

Invend™ takes care of everything for you

Invend™ brings convenient controlled access to industrial supplies while an automated process allows fast, efficient replenishment – and all the reporting you need to keep you firmly in control.

All the supplies, all the savings, all the data – that’s Invend™

In any industrial or manufacturing plant, fast moving consumables are essential but often require a level of management that can be time-consuming and costly:

The frequency with which they are used, discarded and required means time spent visiting stores or being sent out to buy more consumables.

A high turnover rate means your inventory needs consistent monitoring and adjustment. Stock levels change constantly, and some items stockpiled in an attempt to save time and money.

There is no consistency to this kind of spending – it’s hard to keep track of the consumables being used, budget planning is difficult and sourcing suppliers and managing multiple invoices and POs can be frustrating.

We’ll help you identify the industrial consumables that go into your Invend™ machine and the levels of stock you carry. 

Select from personal protective equipment such as glasses and gloves, hand tools, janitorial and cleaning items, lubricants and greases, adhesives, health & safety equipment, and site maintenance and security products – simply pick the items that your operation uses the most. We’ll fill your machine, set it up, create users and employee access via unique PIN codes and you're ready to go. Full visibility, full control.

Experience Invend™ through our national demonstration vehicles

See first-hand how Invend™ can revolutionise your business.

A visit from a Brammer Buck & Hickman Invend™ demonstration vehicle allows you to fully experience our unique machinery and software using live equipment. This hands-on demonstration provides the opportunity for staff from all functions to review and evaluate the benefits of having Invend™ line-side at your plant and provides a great opportunity for your team to identify suitable vending items that will save you money and downtime.