Tool testing service

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Brammer Buck & Hickman offers customers a range of essential tool testing services. The services include vibration testing, noise monitoring, tagging and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), plus the complete asset management software solution TOOLMINDER 

These testing services make it easy for you to comply with industry regulations and help contribute to the well-being of your employees. Last year 220,000 working days were lost in the UK as a result of employee injuries through contact with machinery. (Source: HSE)

Toolminder© asset management

Software that takes care of your hardware;


TOOLMINDER® is our complete asset management software solution designed to make managing and maintaining your own equipment safer, easier and more cost effective for your business. 

Gearbox repair services.

Generate detailed test reports by test number, product group, certifications, locational use, PPM (Points Per Minute) and safety level data.


Tool tracking and allocation monitoring.

Locate where the tools are in your business and who they have been allocated to.


Scheduled testing, inspection and calibration.

Schedule testing easily with important testing, inspection, calibration and certification reminders.


Connect directly with MEGGER PAT testers.

Toolminder provides a comprehensive asset upload facility of all assets that require PAT testing along with the newly acquired PAT Test data.


Tool assessments and testing

Detailed and full equipment assessments for your tools;


Using power tool examinations and on-site assessments for vibration & noise levels allows us to gather real life data for risk assessment and management of staff, so you don’t exceed the permitted usage levels in the latest legislation. 

Noise testing.

To successfully protect workforces from the effects of excessive noise in the workplace we offer individual tool and equipment noise assessments, or a detailed full-factory noise testing assessment. We can recommend and supply lower-noise product alternatives where necessary.


Vibration testing.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a serious but preventable condition that can put employees and business at risk. We can help you identify when hand/arm and whole-body vibration may cause harm and we’ll arrange for power tool examinations to be carried out on-site to assess for vibration levels during use. This allows us to gather real life data for risk assessment and staff management, so you don’t exceed the permitted usage levels in the latest legislation. 


Tool tagging and asset tracking

Inventory management for fixed and mobile assets;


Choose from standard designs or your own bespoke print. Handy Tags are suitable for compliance in the following areas:

• Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (e.g.   Cherry Pickers)
• Scaffolding
• Forklift
• Chemical Safety
• Vibration levels 
• Noise Monitoring
• Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)


RFID tool tag

To assist in managing your full site inventory, including both mobile and fixed assets, we offer a comprehensive range of RFID Tags (Radio-Frequency Identification) and readers to suit all applications across all industry sectors from construction to facilities management. RFID helps with tool location, service, calibration, testing, booking in and booking out.


Identification tag.

This is a range of coloured, laser etched, rigid or flexible tags for safety and warning purposes allowing operators to see maximum usage times. The tags include critical information such as Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) warning, noise warning, fuel and liquid tags, chemical tags, scaffolding tags and much more. Choose from standard designs or your own bespoke print. 


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