Sector Expertise 


At Brammer Buck & Hickman we have extensive experience of working with some of the biggest names in the construction and aggregates sector.  All across the UK, many businesses in the industry choose us for their industrial supplies and services because of our specific sector expertise.


Our vast experience means that we are able to better understand the unique and special needs that relate to your business and your production processes and to provide bearings that meet those needs.


Understanding Your Business


The construction and aggregates inductries present some of the tougest working environments; heat, contaminants, vibration, heavy loads and extreme production demands are a daily challenge. Furthermore, sites are often located in remote areas (frequently, in the case of aggregates), where your standard next day parts delivery isnt an option, so reliability is essential, especially when downtime is extremely costly.

We understand how important issues like availability, durability, healthand safety and energy conservation affect your business. We also understand what impact these issues have on your requiremnts and how we can apply our expertise in your industry to provide you with the best parts, products and support. 




Minimising downtime and extending bearing life are vital when you’re miles from anywhere and a halt in work costs thousands of pounds. But bearings are under extreme pressure operating in these harsh conditions, exposed to heavy loads, shock loads, vibration and contaminants. Consider this: SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings help you cut costs and extend bearing service life, thanks to their high load-carrying capacity and low operating friction. The sealed variant keeps lubricant inside the bearing and contaminants out. The resulting benefits include improved reliability and uptime, reduced noise and vibration levels and excellent wear resistance.


Wet and dusty operating conditions are common in construction and aggregates. Ingress of dirt and loss of grease from high pressure washdowns lead to insufficient bearing lubrication and indentations in the bearing raceways. In the case of conveyors, this leads to frequent breakdowns and weekly re-greasing. Consider this: change from open bearings to SKF’s Three-barrier solution which has an average lifetime three times longer. It consists of a bearing housing – with labyrinth S seals (or Taconite seals for the ultimate protection) a lubricant to act as a contamination barrier and sealed spherical roller bearing.


Health & Safety concerns are key in the construction and aggregates industries. The main cause of casualties occurs during maintenance and repairs, with maintenance on conveyors being one of the major culprits. Consider this: SKF Cooper split spherical roller bearings are designed to be easily and safely replaced in situ. There is no need to dismount the drive coupling or the cantilevered drive to replace the bearing thus avoiding realignment. This greatly reduces the safety risk to workers.


Off-road construction machinery may work at low speed, but quick reversals, abrupt changes in direction and frequent stopping and starting can have a detrimental effect on the lubrication of the drivetrain system and its components. Consider this: invest in bearings and seals with enhanced features to protect against excessive wear. SKF tapered roller bearings, for example, can be easily customised to match your specific speed, load, contamination, temperature or vibration conditions. They feature a cup and cone assembly. The cup is comprised of the outer ring and the cone assembly consists of inner ring, rollers, and cage. This bearing construction accommodates combined loads and provides low friction during operation.


Energy conservation needs to be applied across all equipment and processes to reduce costs and improve sustainability. Consider this: SKF Deep groove ball bearings provide 30% less frictional losses compared to conventional bearings, offering substantial energy savings and lower operating temperatures for industrial electric motors.


We understand what impact these and other issues have on your requirements and how we can apply our expertise in your industry to provide you with the best parts, products and support.


For businesses with a need to keep production lines running 24/7/365, always having the right part at the right time is vital - and we’re here to help.



SKF Construction & Aggregates Product Ranges



When it comes to bearings in the construction and aggregates sectors, like Brammer Buck & Hickman, SKF has a wealth of knowledge, translated into some of the most innovative and best quality products available. Here is a sample of some of the SKF solutions available, but there are many more. Talk to us to for expert advise on which product is best suited to your needs and budget.




SKF Three-barrier solution A specialised solution for highly contaminated environments: three barriers protect the bearing from contaminants – leading to extended bearing service life.



SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings Available in many designs, series and sizes, with open and sealed variants, these bearings are optimal for operations in harsh conditions.



Cylindrical roller bearings SKF Cylindrical roller bearings are available in a wide range of designs, series, variants and sizes. The main design differences are the number of roller rows and the inner/outer ring flanges as well as cage designs and materials.



Bearing Housing and roller bearing units An assortment of housings and roller bearing units are available.




SKF Cooper split spherical roller bearings Split spherical roller bearings that deliver safer and quicker maintenance for mining and cement plants. Available in both sealed and open variants.



Tapered roller bearings With a wide range of designs to choose from, SKF tapered roller bearings are customisable to match your specific speed, load, contamination, temperature or vibration conditions.



Deep groove ball bearings Deep groove ball bearings with 30 % less frictional losses compared to conventional bearings, offering substantial energy savings and lower operating temperatures for industrial electric motors.



Angular contact ball bearings Feature an inner and outer ring raceways that are displaced relative to each other in the direction of the bearing axis. This means that these bearings are designed to accommodate combined loads, i.e. simultaneously acting radial and axial loads.



SKF ConCentra roller bearing units Proven, reliable, and “shaft-ready” minimal-maintenance bearing units for conveyors and other applications that are subject to contaminants, heavy loads, shock loads, and low maintenance priority.



Slewing bearings Bearings with a high carrying capacity and high resistance to overturning moments. Available in many different designs, for everything from mini excavators to stackers and giant shovels.




Cutter bearings High quality profile rollers help these taper roller bearings deliver high shock resistance and high load carrying capacity for maximum uptime.




SKF Explorer cylindrical and CARB toroidal roller bearings Compact and efficient solutions for planetary gearboxes. Both bearing types offer cost effectiveness and high load carrying capacity.




SKF four-point contact ball bearings With small axial clearance and high stiffness, these bearings offer increased reliability and productivity for transmission, steering brake and clutch applications in mining and mineral processing machinery.



Thin section tapered roller and angular contact ball bearings Reduced downtime with tough, space saving solutions: thin section tapered roller bearings for wheel drive units and thin section angular contact ball bearings for crawler drive units.



SKF self-aligning bearings system A proven shaft misalignment solution that can help reduce maintenance needs for a wide range of mine and mill machinery.




Explorer Spherical steel/plain bearings Suitable for use on plant machinery, Explorer Spherical steel/plain bearings are robust and virtually maintenance-free for reduced costs and optimized field performance. Available in a variety of sizes.



Y Bearing Units Y-bearing units are ready-to-mount and ready-to-use solutions equipped with a superior sealing system. Available in a range of designs.