EDI - electronic document interchange solution


Brammer Buck & Hickman's bespoke EDI solution is flexible and efficient, designed to save your business valuable time & money

EDI involves the sending and receiving of business documents electronically through the integration of your ERP System and our systems. Designed from the ground up for our customers, e-Solutons EDI provides many operational efficiency improvements for businesses just like yours with up-to-date information, lightning-fast information exchange and an overall enhanced customer service experience


What are the benefits of an EDI connection?

EDI can deliver measurable benefits to the way you conduct business transactions with Rubix UK

Bespoke connection

Can be integrated with almost any ERP & ordering systems

Increased time saving

Complete electronic ordering, invoicing & confirmations

Increased performance

Greatly improves transaction & order processing and speed

Data improvements

Efficient - Reduces order queries & data errors

Enhanced service

Enhanced service levels & improved customer service interactions

Consistent and efficient

Our solution offers your team a consistent & familiar ordering experience


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