Punchout - connecting with your procurement solution

Brammer Buck & Hickman’s Punchout capability integrates seamlessly with your ERP systems to reduce time and transactional costs whilst giving you greater spend visibility and control.


The system works with all eProcurement platforms including Ariba, Hubwoo, Oracle, Coupa, SAP and provides customisable access to our entire online catalogue including pricing stock levels and product data.



how does our Punchout solution work?

Integrating your internal purchasing platform with our website creates a seamless buying experience for your procurement teams.


All purchase data returned directly to your ERP system

Your user can access thousands of products tailored to your selection preferences


Orders placed through your ERP system

Dynamically updated stock, price and product data


Invoices sent electronically directly to your system

We integrate with all major systems and platforms (using standard protocols such as OCI or CXML)


The benefits of a Punchout solution...

 Brings full catalogue access into your current platform

 Returns products from our website directly into your ERP system


Increase efficiency with no manual re-keying


 Supports contract compliance by channelling purchases to agreed suppliers


 Maximises your investment in technology through seamless integration


 Fully supported by our in-house team of e-Commerce experts